Cattery of la Ria du Jaudy
Return Reception Return ReceptionA passionate lover of persian Cats for many years,I am aware of the time and care needed by these small bundles of fur. It is important to wait until they are mature enough before they can be from their family. Fortunately I am surrounded by competent and knowledgeable people who can help me with new undertaking. Thank you to Daniel who sold me Céleste,and contines to provide me with good advice Thank you to Christelle who sold me"Dickens and Easy- Love"Christelle will always respond if advice needed. The Cattery will always remain a small family affair where our driving motivation is the love and affection for this special breed of cats. You can find us in Brittany, in the middle of the costarmoicaine countryside in the commune of Pommerit-Jaudy. Our cats live in total liberty and in perfect harmony with Gaston, our little shi-tzu dog and Kitty, our blue fronted Amazon parrot who joined us in December 2011. For the moment the garden is forbidden but soon we will be making a place just for the cats. The kittens and their mother stay in the nursery for pernaps 3 or 4 weeks until they are ready to join the other in the living room. Every free moment of the day and night is devoted to our cats, young and old