A deposit will be needed if you place an order for a kitten. This will not be retruned in the case of cancellation . The pkd test for your kitten is the responsability of the buyer.all my cats are pkd negative . I reserve the right to refuse a sale or reservation without explanation.
The kittens are available when they are three months old. They leave us with the following A certificate of health Thez have been wormed Vaccinated for thyfus , coryza chlamidiose,calcivirose An identification card An electronic micrichip A pedigree A sale contract The pkd test (adn) of the parents .
The kittens must be happy. It's important to nurture these small bundles of fur with a character of gold. I make sure that they are used to being handled from an early age in order to socialise them, make them affectionate and accustomed to living in a family. My treasures are adored and that is why I seek to find families that will continue to love and cherish them.
A persian cat needs to be grooming daily, including brushing, combing and cleaning the
eyes. A bath shoud be given once a month and good quality food is important. It is important that they have the stimu lus of climbing cat trees and playing with toys. If after reading this and visiting the website on Kittens, you are thinking of becoming on of our families, I will be delighted to meet you or to give information over the e-mail or by post. Thank you for visiting this website Very best wishes from Christine and her freinds wiht 4 paws .
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